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[Sticky] Insurgency Server Administration

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//*-------Adding admins to the server---------//
Admins have to be added to a server config file via steam ID (steam ID not user ID)
Converter - (You will need to enter your public steam ID.
Example: 76561197991738203 - From

Once Converted, add this ID to the bottom of the file @ insurgency>addons>sourcemod>configs>admins_simple.ini
Example: "STEAM_0:1:15736237" "99:z"

//*-------Custom config options added to server config file---------//
Edits are in the file @ insurgency>cfg>server.cfg
Current modifications are:
Map rotation set to firefight via - mapcyclefile "mapcycle_firefight.txt" at the bottom of the map cycle options.

At the bottom of the file:
// Enable or disable death messages (enabled by default)
sv_hud_deathmessages 1

// Enable motd on server loading screen:
motdfile "motd.txt" (motd.txt has to be directly in the insurgency/ folder)

//*-------Server commands available in game via console---------//
sm_admin - This brings up the in-game GUI for kicks/bans
sm_rcon changelevel [mapname] [gamemode] - This changes the level immediately - Example: sm_rcon changelevel sinjar firefight
sm_cancelvote - Cancel any vote in progress.
sm_cvar sv_gravity x - Replace x with gravity value. (800 is default)

//*-------Changing your clan tag---------//
Clan tag can be changed in steam settings under Steam > Friends