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We can spread this to all the players we can. [url= http://www.easypolls.net/poll.html?p=544671f8e4b0e6fe7d54cdf4 ][b][u]AAPG in CEVO Poll[/u][/b][/url]. And then we can bring it to the cevo president.

I quote from the thread owner from [url= http://forum.americasarmy.com/viewtopic.php?f=31&t=15299 ]HERE[/url] at the Official AA Forums

Hey, CEVO League is possibly coming to AAPG. It houses the famous, invasive CMN Anti-Cheat client. Moreover, we now have competition CVAR checks working in AAPG, too.

In CEVO, there would be Free to Play and Pay to Play, the latter of which would include a Prize Pot. There would be different divisions -- Open and Invite. Teams that are new to competing would play in the Open division, and competitive teams would play in Invite. This would even out the skill level and offer a good chance for all teams to compete fairly and win. Teams can advance into the Invite division after performing well in the previous Open season. The main goal is to ensure balanced game play.

Open and Invite will both have Pay to Play structure, and both will have a prize pot. Over the years, CEVO's proprietary, shadowy AC Client ("CMN") has even been called "too invasive" and has caught many hackers; it's one of the best anti-cheat clients in Online Gaming.

The pay-to-play scenario not only works as a way to enhance competition with an ultimate winning prize pot, but also as a deterrent for potential cheaters who wouldn't want to waste money getting caught by CMN. For those of you who remember CEVO in America's Army 2, you'd remember that it was fair and hack-free. In the first season in AA2, someone did tempt their fate by cheating on the client and was promptly caught.

Additionally, if you go against a team of whom you're suspicious, you'd not only have the benefit of CMN, but you can also request to have a CEVO Admin spectate the match and monitor things in real-time.

Regarding international competition, we've already seen interest in CEVO from the EU side, so it would be a similar structure, Open and Invite (pay-to-play with prize pot), along with the free-to-play single division there, as well. South-American teams, please inform me of your interest to participate, too. We would need admins for these different regions, so also mention this if, and when, you email me regarding your interest in CEVO-AAPG.

More details will soon come on the Buy-ins and Prize pot information (pertaining to structure and numbers), but generally, it wouldn't be anything steep at all. Right now, we're assessing the level of interest.

Lastly, CEVO is a popular and reputable league; it would bring attention to the game, which is something all of us would be happy with. We would have Match of the Week (MOTW) video casts, which are always fun; and because it would be CEVO, we'd be able to have it casted via their media portals, which further promotes the game and your skills.

Is your team interested in CEVO? Please let me know by emailing me: producer1214@hotmail.com -- subject line should be "CEVO."

*If this could be made a sticky someplace, that'd be awesome.*

We are looking for Teams and players to fill in a few questions in a survey.
The more information we can bring to CEVO will hopefully help.

[url= https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/?sm=nxgJfPOUUoNRLAuss8Alig%3d%3d ]NA Teams[/url]

and for

[url= https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/?sm=QXP2X%2fcZiUbng6p%2bwC%2fZrw%3d%3d ]EU Teams[/url]

Posted : 24/10/2014 6:09 pm
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Voted and took the survey.

Posted : 28/10/2014 5:10 pm