Insurgency Hud Settings

Insurgency Hud Settings

Sep 20 dgodfather  

cl_hud_compass_alpha “desired amount” Opacity of our entire compass
cl_hud_compass_bgalpha “desired amount” Opacity of the background as a fraction of the main alpha
cl_hud_compass_scale “desired amount” Compass size scale
cl_hud_compass_inset 0 Vertical compass inset
cl_hud_compass_show_always 0 Show the compass at all times
cl_hud_compass_show_ads 0 Show the compass while aiming down sights
cl_hud_compass_show_tacmap 0 Show the compass while viewing the tactical map
cl_hud_compass_appear_enemy “desired amount” How long should the compass be visible for after an enemy was spotted
cl_hud_compass_holdtime “desired amount” The compass sticks around for this long before starting fade
cl_hud_compass_fadetime “desired amount” Length of time before the compass fully fades