Fragweiser is recruiting and we need you!

Fragweiser is opening its doors for recruitment. We are a group of mature, experienced, tactical players with a competitive touch.

If you are a casual player or are looking to become a competitive player, look into Fragweiser for the choice of clan you are seeking. We have a solid competitive history with an 80+% win percentage in TWL and we do that with practice, experience, good communication and of course style.

Mission Statement:

Members of Fragweiser discuss and communicate many things about the gaming environment during, after or away from matches and make the adjustments necessary to take down the opposition. We discuss common or typical hiding spots, movements, and styles of play that are used throughout the game. We share and discuss our experiences as observed throughout the game and communicate to each other what appears to work and what doesn’t and/or how to adjust and make it work correctly to win. We also discuss a game’s development and about changes made or being made and adjust our style of game-play to those changes. Things don’t always work out as planned, but we manage to win most of our matches. With good communication, taught and tested skills, and teamwork you can become a good player and a better soldier.

We are:
laid back
looking for scrims


Our normal gaming hours are generally anywhere from 5-11pm EST.

We currently host a full 24-man server for casual gaming purposes.

Come join us on our casual server – .!.Fragweiser Pub

We don’t take in just anyone. The recruiting process is not an immediate decision. Typically, we will invite you into our Team Speak and practice with you, research your gaming history, stats, and complete a detailed background check. We tend to recruit soldiers who have the talent and potential to become a top player and train them to be the respected soldiers that we have become.

Can you handle the frag?

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